Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ringing Endorsement

I ride and race on a 2007 Cervelo Soloist Team road frame that I bought last year from the good folks at Bike Authority. It is aluminum with a carbon fork, and I absolutely love it.

I was looking around at the Cervelo website today and found this statement which, I guess, is supposed to make people want to buy my bike:

We know that this is sometimes hard to believe – people are so blinded by “carbon” that they prefer a mediocre carbon frame over an Aluminum frame that is lighter, stronger, stiffer, more responsive and even more comfortable. Therefore, we can only recommend that you try out a Soloist Team, and find out why almost half of the Team CSC riders – the best team in the world – have a Soloist Team in their garage for training.

Almost half. In their garage. For training.

It evokes a picture in my mind of the bike sitting there and collecting dust next to the backup lawnmower and the chainsaw borrowed from but never returned to the next door neighbor last year.

I think that my college marketing professor would fall out of his chair reading this.


Mehul said...

Who owns a backup lawnmower? :)

I was noticing your bike on Tuesday, it really looked good (even without the 808's on it I am sure)!

However, I think that their statement sounds a little better when you include the final sentence:

"And why they have used the Soloist Team to win such illustrious races as Liège-Bastogne-Liège, Paris-Nice (twice), Critérium International (twice) and the Tour de l'Avénir."

JimmyNick said...

My bike can beat up your bike.

Don said...

To be honest I’ve never read all the marketing material for my road bike. The farthest I’ve never got was the first six words of the first sentence.

"Forged from the fires of Mordor,"

After reading that I immediately jumped into the car, drove 12 hours to the closest dealer and purchased the bike on the spot without a demo ride.