Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Today was my first Westlake race of the year. We had four SBR's in the A field, including myself, John E., Chris B., and Tom K.

I managed to grab the first prime. Then, somewhere around halfway into the race, a well represented break got away without anyone from the team in it.

The field managed to catch the break with less than a half lap to go, and a mass field sprint ensued. Not much else to say, other than we didn't crack the top five.

I think we raced for about 40 miles, and averaged somewhere a bit above 26mph.


JimmyNick said...

That prime ought to make a small but welcome down-payment on my $100. Looking forward to it.

- JN

GB said...

Nice job on the Prime! Let me know next time the East Side decides to come out to Westlake in full fury and I'll make sure to help you guys out.