Friday, May 02, 2008

$147.77 road bike

Here is link to the bike.

Note that the GMC logo of the bike looks like the BMC brand logo, the Cionlli seat sure sounds (and looks) like Cinelli, and the style and font of the Vitesse logo on the wheels sure looks like the Easton wheels logo.

This bike appears to have more trademark violations than Wal-Mart has employees who receive health insurance.

edited: They changed the bike. The current photo is of a different bike than the one I had talked about in this post.


MattO said...

But it sure does have a nifty kickstand!

JimmyNick said...

Show me a BMC or a Cinelli with a kickstand, my Jewish-Catholic (Jew-lic) friend. Those imported, foreign-ass pieces of shit don't even come with reflectors.