Monday, May 05, 2008

Bull Run Farms Road Race

Sunday presented many race options for those who were willing to drive 3 - 4.5 hours. A bunch of us from SBR decided to make the trip to southern Ohio for the Bull Run Farms Road race. It was closer and had a later start time than the Wilkesville to Wilkesville race that same day, and it was less likely to end in a flat tire than the Cone Azalia race (which featured 2.5 miles of gravel roads each lap) in Michigan.

The race was a disaster. After a bit more than one lap of riding around totally clustered with 60 other Cat 3's and no ability to move around because the center line rule was STRICTLY enforced and teams with riders in the break were blocking like crazy, the race was stopped because of two separate accidents, neither of which were in my field.

They postponed the race and are going to move it to a new location on a different day.

Did I mention that the second turn had cones along the center line of the road onto which we turned, right after the apex of the turn? Brilliant.

After the races were canceled, a few of us did a 20 some mile hammerfest. About 40 miles in all, including warm up, and 8 hours of driving.

I heart bike racing.


steevo said...

that blows dude.
wilkesville was the best race I have done in a long time.

JimmyNick said...

After you left, I spent 15 minutes with Andy Clarke about his experience riding the Tour of Flanders course the day before the real tour. Eight-foot-wide cobbled paths, 17 climbs, many of them cobbled, and a field of thousands.
Not surprisingly, he thought nothing of the circuit we were grousing about. Thought it was just fine.
Of course, Andy was in a solo break well ahead of the 1/2/3 field when the wreck happened. One feels less crowded there.

GB said...

Just saw the update on jimmynick's blog about the riders. It sounds like they'll be OK.