Monday, May 10, 2010

World's worst hunter

Reuben is a Black and Tan Coonhound, which means that, somewhere in that little brain of his exists an instinct to bark at and chase raccoons up trees.

We figure that he wasn't so good at this exercise, which is probably why he ended up wandering Lorain county before he was picked up. Last week this was confirmed.

A young raccoon has taken residence near the area and enjoys watching the evening goings on in our yard from about 15 feet up in the neighbor's tree, right next to the fence on the property line. On one evening, Sylvia smelled the beast and got mildly riled up while running around the yard.

Katie thought it was a great opportunity to test out The Brave Sir Reuben's hunting prowess, so she brought him outside on a leash, and took him to the area where the Raccoon was. Then she took him right near the tree, close enough for the raccoon to hurl obscenities at him.

His reaction: nothing.

Gee, I wonder why his previous owner, most likely a hunter, "lost" him.

Luckily for Reuben, hunting ranks up there with going to casinos or going to Disney World on the list of things that I enjoy doing.

I think he's safe here.


Bill said...

nice post, I like Reuben!

Christopher said...

You don't like Disney World? How are we friends? :)

ds said...

Our shared appreciation of cats overcomes our different views of the Magic Kingdom.

MasterBowman said...

Ironically Reuben loves casinos. That dog can lay down some serious cash at the Baccarat table. Seriously DS, I would expect you to at least have Reuben on a leash when you take him to Bellagio.