Monday, May 17, 2010

Well that was fun

I just realized that I raced my bicycle every weekend for the last eight weeks, and three of those weekends involved back to back races.

I managed a respectable result at Battenkill, one solid local result, and a bunch of almosts but not really. And I upgraded to a Cat 2.

This weekend I will sit around and talk about how nice it is to not race while secretly envying the people who are driving to the Tour de Syracuse.

And I'll be planning next weekend's trip to Frankenmuth, MI to race and enjoy the faux Germanic ambiance that fine town.

I need to get a life. Fast.


Robert said...

come to the knob for some mtb action to fulfill your saturday night!

Tris said...

Dave, congrats on the cat 2 jump. You have the strength. Welcome to the suffer league :).