Monday, April 26, 2010

Joakim Noah would like Cleveland if he raced bicycles

Be sure to add copious amounts of bike racing to the list of things for which Cleveland is under appreciated, especially for a market its size. (in addition to its restaurants, good road biking, lots of independent film, great concert venues, great theater, great parks, and a low cost of living.)

Over the course of six weekends in April/May, there are nine USA Cycling sanctioned races around here, a weekly Tuesday night training race, and no shortage of bad ass people to race against, including a few former national champions. And consistent racing over the summer. And a killer fall cyclocross series that causes great jealousy in some people who live in supposed cycling "hotbeds."

Cycling aside, it's funny how riled up this town gets when some random sports figure insults it. I'm pretty sure other towns have different reactions to such comments. New Yorkers would tell him to f**k off. Portlanders would agree with him, just to keep him out of their nice city. Canadians would apologize and ask him how they could improve their town. (Canada is a town, right?)

We just become defensive.


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Christopher said...

Joakim Noah is a Gator grad. He lived in Gainesville for a few years where there is a terrific bike riding/racing community. He obviously can recognize a bike riding town when he sees one.