Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Mid-Ohio, aka is this Kansas Dorothy?

When we left Cleveland for the Mid-Ohio race car course, it was around 80 degrees. When we arrived 1:45 later, it was in the mid 50's with Armageddon like winds and threatening to rain.

Luckily, the sun eventually appeared and the winds died down to a level of insufferably difficult on a course that always feels windy.

I felt like quitting after about a half of a lap, and then felt worse from there. After making my way into a few moves that did not work, I missed the one that did (of course), and the main field spent the latter part of the race thinking that we were so close to catching them it was guaranteed to happen. It didn't.

Afterwards, we feasted at Pueblo Grande, a Mexican joint in Lexington with about 56 neon beer signs inside and outside of the restaurant. The irony was, of course, they didn't have their liquor license and served no alcohol.

I guess we were hungry, because we stayed.

Some good photos of the race are here, along with some Malabar Farm photos and photos of some fall and winter races.

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