Monday, June 15, 2009


Sunday was the state road race. Here are some stats from it:

1: suicidal cop who decided it would be a good idea to stand on the yellow line on the road onto which we turned while yelling at us (a field of 80 starters) to stay in the right lane on turn one.

2: number of times I was quite sure I was in the winning break. I wasn't.

6: number of times up that godforsaken hill, one of which was with my teammate making everyone's lives quite miserable.

3: number of times we went up the hill before I realized how sucky the last three times were going to be.

4: number of times I was at or very near the front on the sketchy descent. Did I mention that a guy yardsaled over the cable "guardrail" there on lap 1? Ouch.

9: number of seconds I had to soft pedal on the hill on lap six to allow the uncontrolled seizures in my right leg to stop.

13.5: number of hours I was gone from home to go race bikes clear on the other end of the state.

Bike racing is fun. Right?


prudence rabbit said...

One more. . .

3: number of hours I slept after you got up in the morning.

Ray Huang said...

pr thats just plain old cruel!!

like us you didnt get the result you wanted, but you raced your friggen bikes!!

Anonymous said...

5: Number of miles I rode before I saw a guy almost sliced in half by a rusty cable.

And, 5: Number of times I tried to talk myself into letting go of the brakes down the same hill, and also the number of times I prayed to every god I could think of that I wouldn't suffer the same fate.