Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Katie likes to remind me how one difference between her hobbies and my main hobby is that her hobbies generally do not include an element of danger along the lines of falling off your bike at high speeds in a tight pack of riders.

Point taken:

State Road Race Mishap from ohio cycling on Vimeo.

It is with great excitement, however, that I can now say that she is becoming involved in a hobby with at least some element of danger: sheep herding.

We recently decided that we don't participate in enough fringe sports, so sheep herding became the obvious choice. And because we figured Spencer would really like it.

We tried it today with him, and he had a blast (we think). Katie just needs to watch out for fast moving sheep while walking in the middle of the herd and directing the dog. I hear you can get pretty messed up in a sheep collision accident while participating in this sport. Who knew?

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