Saturday, May 30, 2009

A word of thanks to our sponsors

There is a special place in the afterlife reserved for the kind folks who run businesses that support or sponsor local amateur bike race teams. Without these businesses, self important bike racers everywhere would be unable to feel entitled to things like free or heavily discounted bikes, parts, and/or clothing.

If you are on a bike race team, make sure you thank your sponsors next time you see them. Remind them that their sponsorship is greatly appreciated. And remind them that it could be worse....they could be sponsoring a kickball team.

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Julie Lewis-Sroka said...

I completely agree. Team Lake Effect, now in its 12th year, has had 3 main sponsors for most of those years - good times and bad - Bike Authority, Cannondale, and CLIF BAR. They remain loyal to our team and at this point, it would be completely impossible to put a number on their contributions to our success.