Sunday, May 10, 2009

Race at the Lake #4

I prepared a race report for the team website, so I figured I'd post it here also.

On Saturday, May 9th, 40+ riders lined up for the final Cat 1-2-3 Race at the Lake this year. Thanks again to Summit Freewheelers for organizing this well run event. Tom K. and I represented Team Spin.

The first few laps were fast and full of action. I managed to go with several break attempts, but nothing stuck. After I blew up and had to settle back in the group, a move got away. A bit later, another move got away. Unfortunately, neither break included a Spin rider.

About halfway through the race, I looked around and realized that the main field was rather small, and that there were about 11 riders up the road . The high speeds and strong winds (that got stronger as the race progressed) must have taken their toll on many riders in the field.

With a bit over 3 laps remaining, Tom K. took a nice hard pull at the front. I grabbed his wheel for a bit, then attacked the field. I managed to stay away until the line and take 12th place in front of a charging field. Those 3 laps seemed like an eternity due to an error on the lap card which made me think I had 2 to go when, in fact, I had 3 laps left. They also seemed like eternity because the wind was absurd. Going through the start line/parking lot section each time, I felt as if my elderly mother with two knee replacements could run that section faster than I was riding it.

Tom K. finished strong in the field sprint and took 15th overall.

Not a bad day, but next time we need to make the break.

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