Sunday, October 19, 2008

In case you missed it...

This article from the Plain Dealer does a really good job of discussing the recent setbacks encountered by mountain bikers trying to obtain access to more land for trails within the Metroparks. The building of new trails is apparently at odds with the Metroparks' mission of conservation.

However, several golf courses, miles of horse trails with no restrictions on when they can be used (and they are often used in extremely muddy conditions), and a new building in Parma's West Creek Reservation that requires bulldozing and paving through woods must be consistent with the park's "conservation" mission.

Something smells rotten here.


Anonymous said...

if you've ever hiked or run on the metropark trails when it is wet, you can see the damage horses do. much worse than bikes.

My theory is that the horsey-people are in pretty tight, and have a lot of influence with, the Metroparks management. They do not like bikes.

Ray Huang said...

Its like if you repeat somethng enough times to someone they begin to believe it, regardless of the facts or how dumb it may sound. "bikes are bad for the environment","bikes are bad for the environment","bikes are bad for the environment","bikes are bad for the environment"

See , dont you hate bikes now too?

Mehul said...

Wow, read the comments. You will lose your mind.
After my experience with the Cleveland Metroparks management, I am not surprised or shocked that this is the attitude.