Monday, October 13, 2008


Ok, not really heroes, but still. It was great fun watching the pros race this weekend at the Cincinnati UCI Cyclocross Festival. We got to see some of the best of the best race, up close and personal. Powers, Compton, Wicks, Gould, Bishop, etc. They arrived in cars and minivans, without entourages and bling. They lacked obnoxious attitudes, and probably make less money than most people reading this blog post right now. Yet I would rather watch one of these races up close than a Lakers game at courtside or a Yankees game from the dugout. Go ahead, call me a snobby Europhile. You are probably right.

In Saturday's race, Georgia Gould flatted, ran to the pits, and received assistance from Katie Compton's (her biggest rival of the day) mechanic. A little different environment from pro baseball coaches intercepting pitch calls from opposing catchers or Bill Bellichick illegally videotaping opponents' defensive signals.

They also tore up the courses that we mortals merely raced upon earlier in the day, all three days. You think that you took a section pretty well when you raced until you see one of them annihilate it without batting an eye. Good stuff.

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David Anthony said...

It was especially touching when they shared each others doping drugs. Just yanking Dave. You know I support your cycling subculture as much as my flyfishing subculture.

I do take offense to your refusal to see a Lakers game. Have you seen the Laker's Girls lately. Oh yeah!