Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Racey Video of Wendy

The Wendy Park Cyclocross Race, that is:

It was fast. Then I took a beer handup from some hipster. Then I crashed spectacularly with like 250 meters left on the last lap. Then I flaked out on my teammates and failed to help them tear down the course because I went home to pout because I was scared I really hurt my leg.

Luckily, I didn't.


Anonymous said...

that *almost* makes me want to do some 'cross this year. the beer handup, I mean.

steevo said...

I raced that trek dude 1 time and he started so hard that he dropped jeff shalk. Mental note on that for ohio races.

I did back to back races with 0 sand. I made the right choice.

John Proppe said...

Steevo, that's Steve Twining, local hero extraordinaire.

Nicest dude and capable of dropping Schalk.

The sand was riddled with glass and buried rocks too, fun surprises.

thump said...

Hey, who's the dude running on the grass?