Saturday, June 26, 2010

I hate tubular tires

I was entering the (uphill) sprint for second place with four other riders at the Raccoon Rally Cat 1/2 Road Race today when the wheel of the guy directly in front of me rolled off his tubulars, causing him to crash. I was forced to bail into the ditch on the side of the road, not a good place to be with less than 100m left of a 50 mile race.

Luckily, teammate Tom K. was behind me and still managed a fifth place money spot. Nice job Tom.

I raced my ass off today, so I have no regrets.

Meanwhile, I became "that guy" today at the start line. I usually rail against the silly and excessive consumerism involved in bike racing, yet somehow managed this year to acquire a fancy bike and wheels. Then, someone at the start line today commented to his friend about how "sweet" my bike is.


I think that makes me a hypocrite.


Jim said...

Then it isn't really the tires you hate, it is people that don't know what they're doing or how to use them. That is a real peeve of mine too.

thump said...

I'll take those wheels off your hands, if it makes you feel better.

steevo said...

What I do is own fancy stuff, yet say I think it should be banned. It covers the bases. "Yeah I have carbon tubulars, but so does everybody else, if they banned them I would be happy"

Anonymous said...

The fancy stuff is the reason you are racing so well!