Friday, July 03, 2009

Let Freedom Ring

As ThomDom and I were riding home from Spin today and about to do a time trial workout, a pickup truck with a giant "Let Freedom Ring" sticker passed us. The woman in the passenger seat was hanging out of the window and yelling at us to "get off of the road." We just smiled and waved in typical passive aggressive fashion. She then flicked us off, while still hanging out of the truck. It was not your typical single finger salute....there was a whole lot of emotion behind it. She must have really put lots of energy behind hating the fact that cyclists were legally riding on the four-lane SOM Center Rd.

I doubt she appreciated the irony of her actions in the context of her vehicle's giant sticker.

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ueberdiebruecke said...

what is it about SOM and TT bikes?

A few weeks ago a douchebag driving his wife's convertible (yeah, I could tell) blared the horn because I was riding right on the white line and he had to move over. He told me that as I caught up to him at the traffic circle.