Sunday, July 05, 2009

"Bike racing is hard"

A few miles into this year's Medina Twin Sizzler Expert 19-34 road race, I got into a two-person breakaway with Spin/Second Sole multisport stud Aussie Rob. Yes, he is from Australia. Yes, he is super fast. No, no one from the other teams knew who he was. Yes, I knew we could take it to the line.

We did manage to take it to the line, and I (barely) got him in the sprint. But the best part of the race was, about 4 miles into our break when we were going 26-27+ mph to establish a gap, he turned to me and said (in his Aussie accent) and in a totally deadpan way, "bike racing is hard." He then shared the fact that he had ridden 120 miles the day before.

Both of those things are not generally good to hear from a breakaway companion. Unless it's Aussie Rob.


Derek said...

Awesome job Dave and Rob! You guys ROCK!

Ray Huang said...

Way to go Dave and Rob!! Nice win!!

Anonymous said...

don't forget to mention that it's doubly hard because you have to get up at "0-dark-thirty" on July 4 to make it to that race. for me, that was too early this time around.

JimmyNick said...

That is a fantastic finish -- sorry I'm late to find out, but I'm officially out of the loop completely.