Thursday, February 05, 2009


In most circles, it is considered abnormal to shovel your own driveway if you have the means to purchase a snowblower or hire someone to clear it for you. In cycling circles, the opposite is true.

It's not like I have interviewed every cyclist I know and asked them whether they shovel their own driveway. But, I cannot think of one cyclist homeowner friend or acquaintance of mine that uses a snowblower or the services of a snow plow company.

Does that make us cheap? Frugal? Addicted to exercise? Sensible? Self righteous?

All of the above?



Mike N. said...

Shovel? Snowblower? Is that like what they have at Big Bear and Mammoth Mountain?

Mike in SoCal who got his a** kicked in his first two Cat 4 races this weekend

Ben said...

Sarah thinks I'm weird for not wanting a snowblower. I grew up in Northern lower Michigan, though, and we were fine without one. Then again, we also biked all winter, which I'm too wimpy to do now.

JimmyNick said...

I use a snow blower, religiously. By that I mean that I thank God above for it every time it snows.

Then again, I also bike all winter. Except for this week.