Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hey Jack, nice music

Several years ago, Katie and I and some friends saw the White Stripes play the on-campus bar at Oberlin college. This was before the band had gotten popular, and they were opening for the band Sleater-Kinney. I had never heard of the White Stripes before, but their performance that night blew me away. Enough so that I eagerly bought a cd from their merch table, which was being tended to by Jack White. As I gave him the cash for the cd, I told him how much I liked their set that night.

To this day, Katie mocks me about that interaction and how nerdy I sounded. I strongly disagree with her about my nerdiness, of course.

I suspect that Mr. White was just happy to sell another cd. It probably went to their gas fund so they could make it home to Detroit that night. Or to their beer fund.

Why am I even talking about this nonsense? Because they played Conan's last show on Friday. Which was pretty good, but not as good as this time back in 2003:

The White Stripes
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Ray Huang said...

Wow-I like them. I watched a bunch of videos on there websites. They seem to enjoy making vids!!