Wednesday, August 27, 2008

She's Crafty

Problem: I lost my nifty orange armwarmers, which I will likely need for this week's race.

Solution: Katie makes me new ones, in about 10 minutes.




CycloneCross said...

Good luck conquering the Green Mountain! Rick might have extras of the SBR arm warmers, but they aren't as nifty as your new ones.

Investment Biker said...

I have a set of the Berbee orange ones I can let you have for a six pack or some other consideration.

Mehul said...

I have a pair SBR warmers that I will trade for some argyle warmers made with spin bike shop colors...or a beer.

Don said...

The made with love, hand tailored arm warmers by far beat any factory made garment. In fact... I'm a little envious.