Thursday, December 27, 2007

About that $240...

Dear Representative John Boehner (Republican - Ohio):

Thank you for mocking the proposed bicycle commuter tax credit on the floor of the United States House of Representatives on December 6, 2007. Thank you for ensuring that this $240 personal tax credit over 15 months was deleted from the recently passed Energy Bill. Thank you for ensuring that our government sends a message that alternative means of transportation, such as bicycling to work, are laughable. The scarce resource oil is at a staggering high price, America is being crippled by obesity-related diseases, yet you, as House Minority Leader, mock a measly $240 tax credit for doing something responsible to better our health and our environment.



Don't worry though...the "hummer tax loophole" was reinstated into the bill that passed. We may not want to reward those who commute to work by bike with a $240 tax credit, but by gosh we will reward small-business owners and the self-employed by allowing them to claim tax deductions up to $25,000 for large, 6000 lb+ luxury vehicles that are not even necessary for their businesses.

A link to the BikePortland story on this issue is here, which includes an audio clip of the part of the speech that pertains to the bicycling commuting tax credit.

A link to the website of the esteemed Congressman Boehner is here, which includes a YouTube video of his entire 12-6-07 speech.

A link to an NPR article about the "hummer tax loophole" is here.


JimmyNick said...

If only I could bring your blog with me as I move my bowels ... then my life would be complete! I vow to go wireless!

Gary said...

This if anything is one issue that is going to have me voting as a democrat in the next election.

I'll post a .PDF of the really nice letter I received from Dennis Kucinich regarding cycling as a beneficial means of transportation.

Jim- that's just a tad too much info... Although , if you printed Rep Boehner's opinion and took it in there with you, I can sure think of a use for it when you're done!