Thursday, January 07, 2010

"Dr. Thompson is not a criminal"

Tell that to the guy whose head went through Thompson's rear windshield.

The statement in the title of this post were the words of Michael Oana, an X-ray technologist at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. Thankfully, over 270 people from around the world think differently than Mr. Oana, according to this article.

According to Dr. Robert Padgett, "He [Thomson] is a very wise man and caring physician."

Except for that little streak of murderous tendencies.

Dr. Thompson (well, actually, I don't think he's a doctor anymore) is the waste of human life who tried to murder those cyclists in that high profile California case.

Calling all California cyclists...wouldn't it be fun to organize a boycott of Dr. Padgett's practice? Or maybe let Mr. Oana's employer know that you don't appreciate its employee siding with a violent criminal and menace to society?

What if Dr. Thompson was a child rapist? Or a KKK member who attempted to kill someone? Are those actions any more excusable than what Thompson did? Would these people be standing up for their colleague? Of course not. Nor would the employers of these sympathizers tolerate it.

At the very least, every single cycling blog, website, and magazine should publish the comments of these medical "professionals" who sympathize with people who purposely try to murder human beings. Include their names, addresses, and their photos. In fact, any blogger, website, or magazine with a conscience (bicycling related or not) should do so. Just to shame them and humiliate them.

Kind of like how the cyclists were humiliated with a lacerated face, broken tooth, and separated shoulder.


Kevin said...

I think the friends and family of Dr. Thompson should keep in mind that he apparently built up to and seemed to plan the attack that injured the cyclists. It wasn't a rash, "heat of the moment" act. It was pretty psycho and just dumb luck that nobody died.

I assume he had many opportunities to apologize for his behavior and accept a more lenient penalty, but he tried to hide his guilt and get away with it. Now he's suffering the most severe consequences.

He could have realized, "wow, I'm a psycho. I should not drive again. I need some counselling, and should spend some time in the slammer." But he did the exact opposite probably believing all along he'd get away with it completely.

I think all that should temper people's natural empathy for the doc.

Mike N. said...
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Mike N. said...

Five years. Not a bad time to think about what he did, given that he's already over sixty.

As for his medical license, it was automatically suspended upon his felony conviction, and will likely not be renewed when it expires next year.

As for the other aspects of this case, I can't really offer an opinion, since the guy who went through the windshield is my coach. But that should give you an idea of what I think of Dr. Thompson and his supporters.

MasterBowman said...

I think we've all done things in the heat of the moment, but to try and hurt (and most likely kill) someone while upset is criminal, end of discussion. Sad and ironic that Dr. Thompson is a physician and should help victims of an accident like this.

I think his friend was just trying to voice some support. Unfortunately the tech failed to realize you're putting your own name and reputation on the line when you say something publically like that.

Not too long ago one of my coworkers acted foolishly and amongst colleagues, I did not stand up for his stupidity. Some actions are indefensible.